Caroline of Monaco - Alexandra of Hanover soon to be married, a big announcement

Caroline of Monaco – Alexandra of Hanover soon to be married, a big announcement


Caroline of Monaco displayed herself in force, surrounded by her clan on the occasion of the Bal de la rose. And according to an Italian media, a big event could be announced.

And it is in connection with his second daughter, Alexandra of Hanover, born of his marriage to Prince Ernest August of Hanover.

Princess Caroline of Monaco swept aside in her own way a rumor peddled by the magazine Here last May.
She is supposed to have been banned from this event by her sister-in-law, Charlene of Monaco, with the support of Prince Albert.

Charlotte Casiraghi’s mother “who has always loved participating in the Bal de la Rose, could well be conspicuous by her absence on July 8,” insisted the weekly.

“As the two sisters-in-law do not like each other very much, it is rumored that Caroline could be asked to give up the event. A situation that was unthinkable not long ago.
Caroline of Monaco was finally there with her younger brother, and Christian Louboutin, reports this time the Italian daily, Il Corriere.

For the occasion, she was also surrounded by her children, including Charlotte Casiraghi, accompanied by producer Dimitri Rassam, and Alexandra d’Alexandra de Hanover, escorted by Ben Strautmann.

The latter, son of German industrialists living in Monaco, met the daughter of Caroline of Monaco in high school.
“They are the couple of the moment on the Rock, and they are about to make a big announcement”, slips the publication, thus implying that a marriage would be in sight.

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