Cognac: Michel Rolland "wound like a clock for Blues Passions 2023"

Cognac: Michel Rolland “wound like a clock for Blues Passions 2023”


“The only snag” deplores its director Michel Rolland, who had to review the programming for this last day in an emergency, and make it free so as not to harm anyone (see box). “For the rest, we are very happy. To have been able to redo our profession already, after two covid years, in sublime conditions as well, and to have seen the public respond present in droves, it was not won at the origin”, he breathes delighted.

I want and I will do my best to keep her in the memory.

Two months ago, in view of a ticket office that was struggling to get started, he and his team were not leading the way. We had to wait the last two weeks for it to really start to heat up. “We weren’t really reassured then, really worried even, we imagined a disaster, finally it started late, after having multiplied by three the communication operations all the same”, he indicates.

2023, “pivotal year”

On arrival, the result went even beyond his expectations, for a most flattering assessment, “hot, in the 25,000 paying entries, 30,000 with scanned tickets, for a total attendance estimated at around 40,000 to 45,000 people. I don’t remember an edition with almost four full evenings elsewhere, ” does he take the time to savor a little more, the thoughts already turned, very strongly, towards the next one which will see the festival blow out its thirty candles.

“I even wound up like clockwork for 2023, a pivotal year that will set the tone for the next ten. How she will be, with whom, I don’t know yet. Either way, I want and will do my best to keep her in the memory.” he promises.

A 30e edition which should return to the Tuesday-Saturday format, “this day Sunday does not suit me”, and whose first name, he hopes, could be revealed quite soon.

The false note Liam Gallagher

Exit the enfant terrible of Manchester. To the great despair of his fans, festival-goers and organizers, Liam Gallagher did not ensure the closing of this 29e edition, Sunday evening. Reason given? “Medical”indicated a bit disillusioned Michel Rolland, the director of the festival, at the announcement of the cancellation of his concert, Saturday around 5 p.m. “Laryngitis” invoked since the ex-leader of the group Oasis, on social networks this Sunday, while apologizing to the public of the Beauregard festival, near Caen, where he played Friday evening. A concert that turned into a fiasco with a Liam Gallagher who left the stage after 20 minutes of play, right in the middle of a song, in front of more than 28,000 dumbfounded spectators. “Hard for my colleagues, not terrible for us, but I am very happy that it did not happen in Cognac, even if this cancellation will cost us a little”, notes Michel Rolland who, to compensate for this defection, had decided on Saturday to open the Sunday evening for free.

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