Corinne Deacon after France - Italy (5-1): "If someone had told me that we would be leading 5-0 at halftime..."

Corinne Deacon after France – Italy (5-1): “If someone had told me that we would be leading 5-0 at halftime…”


From our special correspondent in Rotherham,

There are nights like this…“. From the bench, Kenza Dali admits without worry, she witnessed something “mad“. Sunday, for their entry into the Euro, the Blues achieved a first period that they would not even have imagined in their most secret dreams. Facing Italy, swept unceremoniously in the space of forty- five minutes, the Blues sent a message: they are ready and determined.

For this shock of group D, Corinne Deacon had expressed a wish: to start the competition with a bang, from the first minute. “The idea was to start this championship and this match strong and well.explained the coach at a press conference. The credit goes to the players, they were very successful from the start. The game was smooth. We felt a synergy between them and that gave this first period“.

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“Geyoro, the unexpected offensive weapon but revealing the incredible offensive potential of Les Bleues”

This first enchanting act, no one seemed to have foreseen it at the Bleues. But they quickly realized that a lucky star was watching over their heads in Rotherham. “At one point, I said to myself ‘this evening everything will be fine in fact’“, smiled Grace Geyoro, whose triplet symbolizes this unexpected enchanted parenthesis. “It was amazingcompleted Dali. I was not so surprised because I know our quality. But, there, each time we got close to the goal, we scored“.

The desperate Italian defense did not know for a long time how to go about containing the speed of Kadidiatou Diani, the pivoting game of Marie-Antoinette Katoto, the dribbling of Delphine Cascarino and the vista of Grace Geyoro. So when the latter, who had scored only 8 times with the selection, comes to plant a hat-trick…

Grace Geyoro and Delphine Cascarino

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Honestly, I had never experienced this

An introduction like this… If someone had told me before the match that we would be leading 5-0 at half-time against Italy, I would have said that it was not possible“, recognized Corinne Deacon. A sentence almost similar to that pronounced a few minutes earlier by her Italian counterpart Milena Bertolini, who explained that she had never considered such a gap at the break between the two teams.

So, inevitably, there is always something to complain about, especially on this second period, which is less serious, a little less glorious. “We started so strong that we had a form of relaxation in the second half“, admitted Delphine Cascarino after the fact. But the essential is obviously saved and the test passed with flying colors. “Honestly, I had never experienced this“, continued a Kenza Dali seduced by the clear impression.

She’s not the only one. If each match has its own truth, the Belgians and Icelanders, probably in front of their TV this Sunday, risk sleeping badly. When we are about to defy such a storm, we think before bowing the inevitable: in this first period, these Blue were simply untouchable.

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