Festival: Muse definitely pushes the Déferlantes into another dimension

Festival: Muse definitely pushes the Déferlantes into another dimension


The last evening of Les Déferlantes nouvelle version ended with a spectacular concert by Muse and an XXL set by DJ Snake. A festival that has clearly shifted into another dimension.

Les Déferlantes drew the curtain on their big premiere in Céret on this Sunday, July 10, 2022, the date of which may be a public holiday in this corner of Vallespir as it will mark history.

Because for four days, Céret offered itself a very big festival. One of the largest in France with more than 100,000 festival-goers according to the organizers in a first count (which would ultimately be closer to 120,000). This would place it at the same level of attendance as the Eurockéennes de Belfort. Bigger, higher, stronger, they were those Breakers, whose second chapter of the story is now written in Vallespir. And this first ended in apotheosis, this Sunday, with two huge slaps signed Muse and DJ Snake.

If it was the latter who was responsible for closing the festival, he returned the keys as a great lord, by making two dozens of festival-goers who were still there jumper until the end of the night.

Passing just after Muse, he offered big sound without transition, sending brutal charges to keep the Déferleurs knocked out by Matt Bellamy and the Devon band in place. And he kept up the pace until nearly 2 a.m.

Muse in giant format!

Muse aux Déferlantes was unexpected, it will now remain historic. They are nearly 38,000 to be able to say: I was there. Muse and her hits ignited the Château d’Aubiry literally and figuratively with a pyrotechnic show worthy of July 14th!

The British unrolled their very electric setlist, of incredible power with control and enthusiasm, all characterized by a particularly strong Matt Bellamy. The show was also in the background with a disturbing giant character, a sort of villain from Squid Games or leader of a new post-apocalyptic world order. A theme that has tickled Muse for a very long time and which will be at the heart of the new album “Will Of The People”.

New album, some titles of which were played this Sunday, including “Will Of The People” (the single) and “Won’t Stand Down” which are definitely adopted and “Compliance” which took the crowd to the guts.

“Madness”, “Plug in Baby”, “Hysteria”, “Uprising” or even “Starlight” and “Knights of Cydonia”… everything was there for a huge show that we will talk about for a long time.

Hoshi’s Emotion

Before these two late-night monsters, the Château d’Aubiry was moved by Hoshi’s tears and gave her strength and love in her fight against Ménière’s disease, she who lost 50% of her hearing. “Thank you for the memories,” she proclaimed to an audience who returned her, despite the oppressive heat, a sincere love.

Another highlight of the evening was Laylow’s boiling rap that “turned up the pressure” in one song. He too was moved on stage by an unexpected moment. “But look at this sunset on this small mountain, he suddenly exclaimed. You have a beautiful region. You have to take advantage of these moments, thank you for the invitation”.

The region, Suzane, already knew her and, alone on stage, she had offered a vitamin set at the worst hour, that of the meal of the festival-goers.

Finally, hats off to Polo&Pan this Sunday evening, who ensured a smooth transition before the arrival of the two heavyweights of the evening.

A memorable evening that reminds us that after two years without a concert, these moments are precious. These Déferlantes, a new version, gave them a whole new shine for four days. Can not wait for next year!

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