Guitar break: “We have never known so much happiness”

Guitar break: “We have never known so much happiness”


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This evening, Alain Navarro, the creator of the Pause Guitare festival, took stock of the 2022 edition. If the number of spectators is not really up to par, he is emphasizing the rediscovered happiness of festival-goers.

While outside, the metal groups give off an overpowering sound, it is time for the creator of Pause Guitare, Alain Navarro, to take stock of this 2022 edition.
“We brought a little life after 3 years of absence. We have seen it. The public was thrilled to be able to come out, finally share a moment of music with exceptional artists. It’s already huge. It is the best edition in feeling. We repaired the brains, ”he smiles. “I have never known so much happiness. And we were going a long way. We didn’t know where we were going for this 2022 edition. Except that it wouldn’t be easy. We must not forget that in 2021, we were treated as collaborators, because we asked for the health pass. But hey, we won our bet with a happy line-up, without international artists. »
This is the first time that Pause Guitare has offered 5 themed evenings on its Pratgraussals site. “It was the year or never. I regret nothing. Nevertheless, the Saturday (electro) and Sunday (metal) evenings were not up to par in terms of attendance.

52,000 paying entries

” It’s true. We wanted to test. The public did not respond. We lack recognition for this style of music. The public did not validate this type of evening. We will draw the consequences. We had a target of 57,000 admissions. We make 52,000. The shortfall for the festival is 250,000 euros for a budget of 6 million. It’s not catastrophic either.” Alain Navarro looks behind him. “Since I’ve been going to Hellfest, I’ve always dreamed of having a metal party here in Albi. It’s done. The director presses the success of the Off. “It is the best attendance since its creation. And then there are all these young talents that we support with the Magyd Cherfi prize. It’s in our DNA to do that. Unlike market festivals, the money earned does not go into the shareholders’ pockets, but into aid for young artists and the programming of all these free concerts, which allow all those people who do not have the money to come to Pratgraussals, to spend good evenings.”

Projects for the future

For next year, Pause Festival will go back to 4 evenings. “We will certainly return to a more classic programming scheme”. And for the following years? “Everyone knows that we have been waiting for years for the creation of the pedestrian bridge, to finally offer a real link between the concerts in the city center (Editor’s note, why not return to Place Sainte-Cecile) and Pratgraussals. We hope this will happen as soon as possible.” Another idea germinated in Alain Navarro’s head. We’ll then have to go to the Albi circuit.” A near future When you know Alain Navarro’s pugnacity in constantly developing his baby, you can be confident.

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