Mercato – Paul Pogba back at Juventus, 6 years later: one step back, two steps forward?

Mercato – Paul Pogba back at Juventus, 6 years later: one step back, two steps forward?


There had been obvious one-way trips and returns. Paul Pogba has now completed an astonishing double return after signing a four-year contract at Juventus, who he left six years ago for his training club, Manchester United. The trip, almost unprecedented for a player of his caliber, says a lot about a career that should never have brought him back to Turin.

Because the origin of these Piedmontese reunions is above all a story of reason. After years of having Real Madrid, or rather simply Zinedine Zidane, puzzled, after months of making Paris Saint-Germain shudder, where Luis Campos and his demands ended up pushing him away, Pogba finally turned to the only club who still wanted him.

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This time it’s official: Pogba returns to Turin


Pogba and Juventus have made concessions

Both of them finally made concessions, since the initial idea of ​​the Old Lady was above all to rejuvenate herself, and she was only able to offer a salary that was greatly devalued compared to that which The deck received at Manchester United.

We bet that the meeting will once again become a love story, since this is how Paul became Pogba, in four brilliant seasons in Turin, and that he was, from the 2018 World Cup to Euro 2021, the leader of the locker room and the trigger technique of the French team. The environment is no longer quite the same, but at least it has the merit of being adapted.

Pogba, Alves, Pirlo … Juventus, specialist in free recruits

Like its rookie, Juventus have taken the downward slope well in recent years. In this, Max Allegri should be a key man in the recovery of the club and the player. The Italian coach had built a strong relationship with the French international.

Allegri like Deschamps?

He is perhaps the last, after Didier Deschamps, to have offered the right frame in the midfield. Since then, neither José Mourinho and his conflict strategy, nor Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer and his gentle method, nor even Ralf Rangnick and his attraction to the game have been able to get the best out of Pogba. “I need to like what I do, otherwise I can’t perform wellhe recently confided to Interrupted. I don’t want to think negatively. We can lose matches, trophies, but we have to be happy and have fun. That’s what I’m looking for.”

Is Lewandowski Barça-compatible?

Proof that the Frenchman has actually moved away from the essentials. Not helped, it is true, by a club which, between its marketing income and its sporting results, has chosen not to put the cursor in the middle. When he returned in 2016, the then most expensive player in history had become one of the links in this questionable strategy. In six years, the equivalent of half his professional career, he ended up becoming a victim, consciously or not.

This second chapter in Turin is not a new one but the umpteenth start, consequences of long months of disappointing performances. A sudden return to reality which may sound different to his ears if we are to believe his many communication tricks since he landed in Piedmont on Friday. It will certainly take a little longer to dissipate six years of pollution.

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Pending formalization, Pogba has already resumed with Juventus


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It’s done: Di Maria joins Juve

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