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Noa is buried, and Samuel decides to keep the stud (DNA Episode 1230 Summary)


“Tomorrow Belongs to Us” preview, detailed summary and spoilers for DNA Friday, July 15, 2022 Episode 1230. In your daily series, Bart is sent to preventive detention, Sara remains convinced that this is a bad lead. Paul plays on Samuel’s sensitive chord. Aurore and William did not get the expected answers and Judith delivers a touching speech.


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The summary in advance of Tomorrow belongs to us of July 14, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Tomorrow Belongs to Us: Summary of episode 1230 of Friday July 15, 2022

Aurore and William investigate Romain

Aurore leads, with William, a clandestine investigation on Romain. She was able to reach one of the guards of the prison where the young man was incarcerated. Romain behaved squarely, did not misbehave and even passed a cook’s CAP, which is consistent with his project and that of Sofia to open a restaurant in Spain. Aurore then gives William Romain’s psychiatric report. Either he played the comedy very well, or the prison gave him the ideas in place, explains William to his wife. But for Aurore, Romain is a manipulator. That’s when she remembers forgetting to check if her loan and inheritance story was true.

Without worrying about the opinion of her parents, Sofia concentrates on her restaurant project. She takes a picture of Sylvain Moreno’s straw hut menu to send it to Romain, because she thinks it contains good ideas. Charlie is on his guard because Sofia made him believe that she wanted to open a hut next to his. Sofia orders two salads to test them. Romain joins the young woman for lunch. Charlie keeps staring at him, which makes him uncomfortable. She ends up remembering that Romain is the one who put the Daunier family out. Charlie didn’t think Sofia was so desperate to start a business with a convict. Sofia doesn’t let herself be taken aback and points out to Charlie that she didn’t only go out with altar boys.

Romain shares his disappointment with Samuel a little later. He thinks that Sofia’s parents are not about to visit them, in Spain, especially William. Samuel is certain that they will end up accepting him and advises him to let time pass. Romain fully understands that the Dauniers resent him for what he did to them, but what hurts him the most is that they believe he is not sincere with Sofia. Samuel assures her that they won’t deny for long that he makes their daughter happy.


Samuel decides to keep the stud

Anne-Marie suggests that Samuel and Victoire return to Haras at the end of the day so that Samuel can make his decision. She is dithyrambic about this place, chic, wild, out of time. But Victoire did not do ten years of study to find herself brushing her buttocks with her feet in manure. Anne-Marie takes it back, it’s about dung and then regrets that her granddaughter has a reductive vision of the profession of groom.

Solange had kept a black and white photo of her and Renaud on horseback in her fridge when they were young adults. Samuel gives the photo to Renaud. He then announces to his father that he wants to sell the stud, unless Renaud thinks he should stay in the family, but in this case, it will be up to him to take care of the management. But Renaud believes he has passed the age. Samuel, meanwhile, loves the stud, but does not see himself managing the estate and the hospital.

He seeks Paul’s help for the sale and asks him to be able to look at the accounts, in order to have all the cards in hand before starting the process. Samuel notes that the stud is doing well. He suggests that Paul take over from his aunt. But this denier has neither the money nor the desire to get into it. Paul then plays on Samuel’s sensitive chord. He confides to him that Solange talked to him a lot about him, about his holidays at the stud farm and his 400 blows. She even referred to him as a son. Samuel is touched to hear it, because Solange meant a lot to him.

In Sète, Victoire is having a drink with Benjamin by the pool when Anne-Marie invites him to stay for dinner. Benjamin happily accepts when Samuel joins them. He announces his decision to them. Samuel has finally decided to keep the stud! Victoire is surprised, but thinks it will be a great adventure. Anne-Marie gives him reason, certain that Samuel will not regret his decision.

Noa is buried

The prosecutor has decided to remand Bart with immediate effect but Karim points out to Martin that they have nothing against him. Martin disagrees. On the contrary accuses Bart. He was caught near the washer when it was sabotaged, a secateur full of copper mesh was found in his garden and they also have two testimonies, that of Justin and Jordan who described it in a daze and reassembled against Alex. Sara and Karim point out to Martin that you had to have clear ideas to sabotage the washer, which was not his case. Martin finally gives them two hours to re-examine him. At noon, if Bart doesn’t have a solid alibi, he’ll go on preventive duty.

Robin is on the phone with her son Baptiste, worried about being kicked out of school if he can’t pay his tuition. Robin tries to reassure him and promises to find a solution when he receives a double call. Robin warns his interlocutor that Justin is unscrewing and that they risk falling if he starts talking. His interlocutor asks Robin to take care of Justin.

For her part, Sara encourages Bart to talk to her. He ends up confiding in her that he went to see Flore at the hospital the other day, but she had just had another seizure. The doctors wouldn’t let him in and don’t want him to see her anymore. Raised against the whole earth, he then took refuge in alcohol before thinking of Alex. So he decided to go tell her his 4 truths. But he doesn’t know what happened next. Bart goes on preventive action.

Meanwhile, the Delcourt-Bertrands attend Noa’s funeral. Chloe, Alex, Bart and Robin are present. Noor is there too. Encouraged by his mother, Jordan came to support Judith. In tears, the young woman gives a very touching speech. But Justin has also come to pay homage to Noa, which displeases Robin who summons him to return home. But after this scene at the funeral, Robin is waiting for Justin in front of his house and asks him what he is playing. He thinks there’s no point in crying now that the damage is done. Robin reminds him that they are playing big, but Justin retorts that he just needed to be at the funeral. Robin thinks he hasn’t been clear enough with him and drags him inside his house.

He then finds Bénédicte for an osteopathy session. She notices the presence of a hematoma on her shoulder. Robin claims to have fallen while he had a stack of crates in his hands. He then makes sure that Bénédicte is still available on Monday evening. Etienne and Dorian will be at sea, but Bénédicte feels guilty… She finally promises Robin that they will see each other on Monday evening.

In the last scene of the episode, Justin is sitting against a beam with his eyes closed and his t-shirt shows traces of blood. .

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