Robert Lewandowski radically changes strategy with Bayern Munich

Robert Lewandowski radically changes strategy with Bayern Munich


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Robert Lewandowski no longer knows which foot to dance on. Even before the end of last season, the Pole made it known in public and in private that he wanted to leave Bayern Munich after eight years of good and loyal service. But quickly, the residents of the Allianz Arena were very clear: Lewy will not leave. What annoy the player and his agent, Pini Zahavi, who had already agreed with FC Barcelona around a three-year contract.

Bayern Munich wants between 50 and 55 million euros minimum

But for several months now, this case has been dragging on. The Germans camped on their positions, although they explored other offensive tracks in parallel. But none of them find favor in their eyes, they who are convinced that they will find no better than the Pole. Despite everything, Barca are hanging on and still think they can sign the player. Pini Zahavi has, in fact, indicated to the Culés that they will have the striker under contract until 2023 for a price of 40 million euros.

Agent Lewy may have gone a little too far. In effect, Gold reported at the weekend that Bayern Munich wanted 70 million euros. According Sky Germanythe German champions do not want to discuss less than 50-55 million euros. The door is therefore not completely closed, but for Barça, this sum is too large for a free player in a year. At an impasse, Lewandowski, who wants to join Barcelona and is being courted by PSG, hopes his future will be sealed before long.

Lewandowski will return to Munich but still wants to leave

Initially, he thought everything would be settled ahead of Bayern Munich’s pre-season and the start of the Catalans’ summer tour of the United States on July 16. It is for this reason, moreover, that with his agent they used the hard way by multiplying the media outlets and the pressure shots. Despite this, the Bavarians stood firm. This forced the player to review his position. This Monday, Relief indicates that Lewy, who was initially due to dry out the recovery, will be present tomorrow in Munich.

He wants to calm things down and will exchange with Julian Nagelsmann, who wants to remain professional until the end. Information confirmed by Sky Germany. Despite everything, the 33-year-old striker is still not on the same wavelength as his club. According Imagethe player and his entourage are quite surprised to see the German champions celebrating the signing of Sadio Mané, who left Liverpool a year from the end of his contract. A situation similar to his. Lewy and those close to him are therefore very surprised to see Bayern act like this when they show extreme firmness with him. But each case is different and Lewy will have to wait before he can leave.

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