the Girondins put pressure on the FFF before passing the CNOSF

the Girondins put pressure on the FFF before passing the CNOSF


While the Girondins de Bordeaux’s appeal to the CNOSF will be examined on July 19 according to L’Equipe, the Bordeaux club published a long message on its Twitter account on Monday in which it puts pressure on the FFF. The press release recalls in particular that the Commercial Court of Bordeaux had validated the financing plan, but that despite this the DNCG had decided to administratively relegate the club to National 1.

Still awaiting a definitive answer on their future, the Girondins de Bordeaux decided to take the lead on Monday by posting a long message on their Twitter account questioning the DNCG and the statements of the President of the French Federation of football, Noël Le Graët. They believe that given the rules and its finances, the club is able to play in Ligue 2, and not in National 1 as established by the DNCG.

The Girondins ask the FFF to respect “the rules of law”

“Like many of you, we want the Girondins case to be judged on the merits without any intention of harming the club, its lenders and the shareholder”, begins the press release while Gérard Lopez is often put in cause in the way it finances its clubs.

The club then challenges the FFF by asking it to “respect the rules of law with regard to a legendary club”, mentioning its 300 employees and its “millions of fans”. “Contrary to the assertions of Noël Le Graët, president of the FFF, probably misinformed, the FCGB is not in cessation of payments and it is justice which says so”, recalls the Girondins while the leader had made the parallel with the case of Strasbourg in 2011 which was in cessation of payment.

The commercial court favorable to the Girondins

While Sud-Ouest revealed this Sunday that the financing plan had been validated beforehand by the Commercial Court and that the latter had notified four “obvious errors” in the decision of the DNCG, Bordeaux protested: “The FFF refused to take into account a financing plan with a favorable opinion from the Commercial Court on July 4, which secures the 40M€ and ensures the budget for L2, with all the necessary financial guarantees.

“This plan, drawn up with all the stakeholders, has been validated by the auditors, accountants and conciliators of justice”, recalls the club. He also criticizes the Federation for a precondition for the entry into force of this agreement which “does not exist anywhere” and adds that it is “perfectly valid”.

“The club has met the conditions to evolve in Ligue 2”

“Everything is ready for the start of the championship on 07/30” announces the club, while its appeal to the CNOSF will not be assessed until July 19, as reported by L’Equipe. A very tight schedule, which prevents the Girondins from planning their season correctly. If the CNOSF approves the financing plan for Bordeaux residents, the executive committee of the FFF will have to reassess its decision, since that of the CNOSF is only advisory. In the event of refusal by one of the two institutions, the club would be forced to rely on the Administrative Court, which would further lengthen the delays before a potential resumption in Ligue 2.

“The club has met the conditions to evolve in Ligue 2 on July 30 – we will fight until the end so that justice is respected” concludes the press release, which lets Internet users ask their questions via a hastag.

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