The notes of the Blue against Italy (5-1): A Geyoro at the zenith, a Katoto at the rendezvous

The notes of the Blue against Italy (5-1): A Geyoro at the zenith, a Katoto at the rendezvous


From our special correspondent in Rotherham,

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin: 7.5

A great goalkeeper always pulls out the right save at the right time. Barely had the Bleues started their Euro that Peyraud-Magnin saved them, from an exceptional stoppage with the toe (4th). Very solid also (10th, 19th, 56th, 71st, 90 + 4th), she released a constant serenity. She can’t do anything about the Italian goal.

Euro 2022

“If someone had told me that we would lead 5-0 at half-time…”


  • In short: Les Bleues can say thank you to him.

Les Bleues above the fray? “And they have room for improvement…”

Eve Perisset: 7.5

Very incisive from the start, the new Chelsea player was behind many actions such as when opening the scoring (9th). Technically very clean, she made the Italian left side live through hell through her relationship with Diani. As a bonus, it was illustrated by a lot of seriousness in the replacement (37th).

  • In short: What energy!

Aissatou Tounkara: 6

Preferred to Griedge Mbock, she did not denote. Very solid to muzzle the rare offensive inclinations of the Italians in the first period, she remained very serious when her teammates logically fell from foot to second, even if she shines less in anticipation than Renard.

Wendie Fox: 8

It is she who loses the aerial duel which brings the big Italian opportunity (4th). A free warning that finally launched him in this match. Royal behind, with a sense of interception above the norm, she was above all the launching pad for many blue offensives with her delicious long game. She was the one who held the house when Italy pushed late in the game (80th, 82nd).

  • In short: The very high level.

Wendie Renard against Italy

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Sakina Karchaoui: 5.5

His call on the break goal triggers everything. For the rest, she was less prominent than Périsset, the fault of an agreement with Cascarino still to be perfected. Above all, she loses a hot ball which could have been expensive (58th). She is beaten in the duel on the Italian goal (76th).

  • In short: On alternating current.

Replaced by Sandy Baltimore (88th).

Grace Geyoro: 9

It is she who frees the Blues by opening the scoring opportunistically (9th). Enough to launch her towards a match where she will not have missed anything offensively. Her second goal, where she mystifies the opposing goalkeeper, was a visual treat (40th) before she offered herself the hat-trick on a recovery full of mastery (44th). If the Blue technically floated in the middle, it is thanks to her. Player of the match, of course.

Replaced after a huge stamp by Kenza Dali (67th).

Toletti, Geyoro and Katoto had fun against Italy

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Charlotte Bilbault: 6

She was probably the most discreet of the Blues, and that’s good. In his shadow role, Bilbault will have gone the distance with covered ground, recovered balls and an often interesting orientation of the game despite a little waste at the end of the match.

  • In short: Everything you ask of a sentry.

Sandie Toletti: 7th

If Geyoro will, logically, take all the light, his friend in the middle will also have delivered a very big match in another register. Always well placed, always in the direction of the game, rarely out of time and inspired when scraping balls, she delivered a very complete match.

  • In short: Accuracy embodied.

Kadidiatou Diani: 7.5

We’re willing to bet that his direct opponent, Lisa Boattin, will sleep well tonight. As usual, the Parisian will have been in all the good moves, or almost, with this stroke of the kidney so devastating. It is his cross that brings the first French goal (9th). Very hard-hitting, she multiplied the incursions (14th, 23rd, 43rd) but without ever finding the fault. She also leaves her direct opponent alone to center on the Italian goal.

  • In short: A great start but a finish that is still a bit messy.

Replaced by Selma Bacha (78th)who saves a goal on his line.

Kadidiatou Diani against Italy

Credit: Getty Images

Marie Antoinette Katoto: 8

Many good things for the center forward of the Blue. There is this goal, of course, offered on a set by the Italian goalkeeper (12th). And this post in stride which deprived her of the double (14th). But it is especially in the game that she has allowed the Blue to be so formidable. As a pivot, she will have brought an ordeal to the opposing hinge, as on this magnificent decisive pass for Geyoro (41st). Many good ideas elsewhere (2nd, 19th), not always followed by her teammates.

  • In short: The worst part is that she can do even better!

Replaced by Ouleymata Sarr (79th).

Delphine Cascarino: 7

Aligned to this position of left winger that she does not know in the club, she sometimes seemed stubborn in her style while percussion. She also misses a ready-made opportunity (23rd), alone in front of goal. But the Lyonnaise wanted to enjoy the feast and it was with a magnificent dry strike that she woke up New York Stadium (38th). What put an end to the debate on its positioning? Not sure.

  • In short: A praline that will do him good.

Replaced by Melvine Malard (67th).

Delphine Cascarino, scorer against Italy

Credit: Getty Images

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