the rant of Audrey Boibessot (Large families) after criticism of her vacation with her children

the rant of Audrey Boibessot (Large families) after criticism of her vacation with her children


Audrey Boibessot (Large families: life in XXL) published, this Sunday, July 10, an Instagram story in which she makes a firm point in response to certain criticisms she has received.

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It was last March that TF1 viewers discovered several new families on the show. Large families: life in XXL. The Boibessot clan is one of them. Audrey et Hervéthe parents, are at the head of a happy tribe of seven children, most of whom bear unusual first names: Mayeul (8 years old), Camille (6 years old), Ebbane (5 years old), Pia (3 and a half years old), Foucauld (2 and a half years old), Hildegarde (1 year old) and the youngest, Sernin, born last May. But if the happy parents, who are also business leaders, have busy days, they do not forget to spend special moments with their offspring. And that means… a surprise vacation! “We are leaving next Saturday for a week, but the kids don’t know. They think that this year, we can’t leave but in fact we’re leaving!”, had indeed rejoiced Audrey Boibessot on Instagram. But after this beautiful announcement, the mother of the family unfortunately had to, this Sunday, July 10, push a rant in the face of criticism from some of his Instagram followers on his vacation.

A response to criticism

“As you know, we are on vacation (…), I know you have got used to me answering, but I may not always be able to do it in the next few days, I know you will understand”she first wrote in her story, before accusing some Internet users of attacking her on one of the occupations of her children during their stay. Those who already write to me to tell me things like that it’s not normal to make them make holiday notebooks, know that they are the ones who ask for them and wanted to take them with them.she pointed out.

“Leave us alone!”

Audrey Boibessot, who we guess annoyed by the derogatory comments, then called on her detractors to move away from her Instagram account. Go follow other families and leave us alone and do whatever we want!she added, refusing to “to justify all the holidays of [leurs] choice of walks, games, etc.. “You don’t agree with what we’re doing, I understand that, but keep it to yourself or expect no response from me, concluded the mother of the family. This is unfortunately not the first time that Audrey Boibessot has felt obliged to push a rant against some awkward subscribers, even very unpleasant. At the beginning of June, she had thus condemned the malicious remarks aimed at the choice of the first names of her children.

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