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The shock of Adil Rami after this departure!


At the microphone of BFM, Adil Rami explained that he was very surprised by the departure of Steve Mandanda from Olympique de Marseille.

Steve Mandanda joins Stade Rennais after more than 600 games in the jersey of Olympique de Marseille. These were emotionally charged for the club and the supporters since Jorge Sampaoli also packed his bags.

It was Steve’s departure that shocked me the most — Rami

Adil Rami, former OM player was asked about this on BFM. The French defender did not hide his shock at having seen Steve Mandanda leave the club! A little less for the Argentine coach on the other hand…

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“Surprised by the departure of Jorge Sampaoli? No. On the other hand, the departure of Steve Mandanda surprised me. This legend of Olympique de Marseille is a great friend. Already, I wish him all the best in Rennes, it will be very new for him. It was Steve’s departure that shocked me the most. Armed for the LDC? Not today. They need a little more people, experience. I think they lack a little aggressiveness. Adil Rami – Source: BFM

Bruno Génésio welcomed his arrival…

“It was one of our priorities in this position. We are very happy to have been able to finalize. We absolutely wanted to have Steve with us. He is a very great goalkeeper with a lot of experience. This is exactly the profile we were looking for. It fully corresponds to the mentality that we want to have in this group. » Bruno Genesio — Source: West France (08/07/22)

Mandanda, a very, very good deal for Rennes – Valbuena

“For me, it’s an incomprehensible decision on the part of Marseille, and a very, very good deal for Rennes. As much as I can understand that OM are preparing for the future with Pau Lopez, as much by comparing the matches of the two last season, there is no comparison in my opinion. By the way, I find that it is an evolution of football in which I no longer recognize myself. Matthew Valbuena Source: West-France (08/07/2022)

We learn that Bruno Génésio who had Valbuena under his orders between 2015 and 2017 contacted him to find out more about Mandanda, the former French international necessarily spoke only well of his former teammate, certain of his success at reindeer.

“Bruno Genesio called me to discuss, not only the player, but also his personality. Inevitably, I know him very well and I only think well. In Rennes, he will play, take pleasure in a place where we want him. Which was no longer the case in Marseille, not from the supporters but from the club. I repeat, it’s a great move from Stade Rennais and I have no doubt that it will perform there. Matthew Valbuena Source: West-France (08/07/2022)

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