Chris Marques au plus mal : cette terrible maladie qui lui fait vivre un quotidien cauchemardesque

this terrible disease which makes him live a nightmarish daily life

Chris Marques is a character well known to the general public. The latter has participated in many programs, allowing his name to be known to all. But it seems that he is suffering martyrdom and seems to be at his worst!

Chris Marques, an extraordinary character?

It is a name that has been widely talked about over the years. Indeed, Chris Marques is a character who has greatly been able to make people talk about him thanks to participation in many shows.

Among the latter, we can mention programs such as Dance with the starswhere his mimicry and personality were greatly noticed. But what some don’t know is that Chris Marques was also a highly acclaimed, award-winning former dancer.

He also has an incredible talent, which allowed him to reach the height of his career.

Thus, the latter is now much more discreet and only appears in a few shows by being invited. An aspect that he wanted to highlight, allowing him to breathe and this, especially at the moment.

Indeed, you should know that the latter seems to have been suffering martyrdom for some time, which has a significant impact on his life.

Chris Marques suffers martyrdom!

He is a character whose private life we ​​know very little about. Indeed, you should know that the latter, although he has often appeared on our screens, puts his private life aside.

A detail that is often carried out by other personalities. Who wish to keep their loved ones and those around them away from the media. And that can be understood, because being subject to such notoriety can sometimes play tricks. Especially when people are not used to this aspect, which can then become very problematic.

Regarding Chris Marques, the latter is particularly known for keeping certain points of his private life hidden. But recently, he wanted to reveal an aspect of his life that many people do not know. Thus, he notably revealed to be suffering from a disease which handicaps him a lot!

But it’s an aspect that is quite unsettling for fans of Chris Marques, because the latter always appears in his best light. If we imagine an image of him, we notice in particular a big smile and an unfailing energy!

However, during an interview, he lifted the veil on the disease he has had for many years. Chris Marques thus evokes the following thing: It was first a slump, which turned into the flu, and lasted two weeks, three weeks… And which never left me again« .

A disease that obviously has a name, because it is also called chronic fatigue syndrome. A disease which has many symptoms and which ruined the life of Chris Marques for 10 years!

Symptoms are cramps, joint pain, excessive fatigue, fevers and stiffness.

He reveals himself on this disease!

This disease, or rather, chronic fatigue syndrome, seems to have had a real impact on the life of Chris Marques. In fact, he was sick for 10 years. Which greatly ruined his life, but it also nearly ended his career.

The latter in particular knew what he was suffering from. But after only two to three years of various and varied diagnoses and numerous examinations.

Chris Marques had specified in particular that few people were aware of this disease. He thus evokes that it was only his wife and children who were aware of this disease which greatly impacted him.

But that didn’t stop him from continuing to pursue his passion, although he had to train hard to do so. In particular, he had to train for half an hour instead of 7 to 8 hours when the disease was present. Chris Marques mentions in particular the following thing: “ I had very little useful time per day. Sometimes I couldn’t get out before 4 p.m. That was how long it took me to even get going and do the basics to get out. I couldn’t stand for more than half an hour..

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