Thor 4 electrifies the box office for its American start

Thor 4 electrifies the box office for its American start


After Doctor Strange 2, Marvel breaks (once again) the American box office with Thor : Love and Thunder.

If the global box office is still struggling to really pick up the colors, the huge Hollywood studio Disney seems not to be doing too badly in the aftermath of the worst of the pandemic. Between a Spider-Man : No Way Home which became one of the biggest box office hits of all time and a Doctor Strange 2 which has extended this resurrection of Marvel in theaters, the studio is a driving force in the business of cinemas around the world.

And this isn’t the release of Marvel’s next dull flash, Thor : Love and Thunderwhich will contradict us, the fourth solo film of the god of thunder not too difficult to find its audience in dark rooms. Between its crazy cast (Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Russell Crowe and the rest of Hollywood…), its pop tone and the return of Taika Waititi to directing after the fulguro-flashy Thor: Ragnarok, Thor 4 has great room potential. Potential which is confirmed by a good start in the United States.

Box office hit?

In fact, shown in 4,375 cinemas, Thor 4 expected to reap by the end of the weekend between 140 and 143 million dollars in revenue, or even 135 million according to the wisest estimates and 151 million for the most ambitious. If we are in the low branch of expectations which placed the film between 140 million and 160 million in revenue, Disney should not really have trouble repaying the 250 million dollars of budget (excluding promotion) invested in the book.

Moreover, without taking inflation into account, this is the highest score for a solo film Thorwell ahead of the first (65 million in revenue), The world of darkness (85 million) and even Ragnarok (more than 122 million). It would also be the fourth, if not third, best start since the start of the pandemic, behind Spider-Man : No Way Home (260 millions), Doctor Strange 2 (187 million) and possibly Jurassic World 3 (145 millions).

Thor : Love and Thunder : photo, Christian Bale

And it goes on, en-Gorr and en-Gorr

On the scale of the MCU, this would be the twelfth best opening weekend for one of the 29 films in the saga, Thor 4 lying between Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (over $146 million) and Iron Man 2 (more than 128 million). A completely satisfactory domestic box office, boosted by international receipts, the feature film directed by Taika Waititi having been released in 90% of the markets it is supposed to cover during its run.

While waiting to be distributed in certain countries such as, among others, France, the film has already accumulated 80 million dollars only on Friday, and should exceed 150 million by the end of the weekend. Thor : Love and Thunder will therefore undoubtedly scratch the more than 300 million dollars in the worldin just a few days of broadcast.

Thor : Love and Thunder : photo, Natalie PortmanAtomic Blonde

To see how the film will do in the long term and the role that word of mouth will play in its exploitation, Thor 4 having been lukewarmly received by the English-speaking press. As far as France is concerned, Thor : Love and Thunder getting ready to go out this Wednesday, July 13 in our dark rooms.

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