Women's Euro 2022 – Before England – Norway: Leah Williamson and the penalty withdrawn… five days later

Women’s Euro 2022 – Before England – Norway: Leah Williamson and the penalty withdrawn… five days later


4 April 2015. Belfast’s Seaview Ground rather deserted. The poster may be attractive on paper, but it does not attract crowds or media attention. The England U19 women’s team begins their “Elite Round” which should lead them to Euro U19 2015 against Norway. So far, nothing to excite the Kingdom. Especially since the “Three Lionesses” are quickly trailing 0-2 by the young Norwegian guard. Rosella Ayane reduces the gap just before added time in a meeting that will turn into the irrational.

90+6th minute: England snatch a penalty. Captain of the selection, as is also the case in this Euro 2022, Leah Williamson advances ball in hand to allow hers to equalize. Badly placed, the ball ends up in the background despite everything and England believes they are on the score. But the German referee of the match, Marija Kurtes, decides to cancel the goal because of young English women entering the box before the strike of their teammate.

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The rule in this case is simple: the penalty must be withdrawn. But the German referee decides to award a free kick to the Norwegians who are happy to come out unscathed. The English, in the most total incomprehension, do not manage to catch up and therefore lose 1-2.

But the matter will not stop there. The English federation will appeal to UEFA. The European body has no choice but to ask that the penalty be withdrawn. “We previously wrote that Norway qualified, but on April 8, UEFA’s Ethics and Disciplinary Review Committee announced that the England-Norway match played on April 4 must be replayed from the minute the penalty kick was taken. was awarded to England, who were then trailing 1-2“, then writes UEFA on its official website.

Resumption in the 90+6th minute…

Nothing less was needed to arouse the Kingdom’s interest. UEFA is calling for the match to resume on April 9, five days after the initial situation. This time, a few curious spectators and the cameras of Sky Sports to immortalize this surreal moment. The referee has changed, on instruction from UEFA. After a warm-up, the 22 players present at the time of the penalty are therefore called to the edge of the Norwegian surface. On the clock: 90+6th minute.

On April 9, 2015, the players of England and Norway U19 enter the lawn to resume a match at the… 90 + 6th minute

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Williamson takes the ball back… and scores. Total release and qualification in hand for the Euro U19. “I think I’ve really gone through all the emotions in the last twenty-four hoursshe smiled relieved afterwards. But it’s not just me, it’s mostly for the team. I know everyone says that but it really was. In the end, I never felt so calm as when she blew her whistle“.

Everything ended well but what I experienced this week, I do not wish on anyoneshe later confessed to Sky Sports. I had asked my mother not to say anything if I missed this penalty. No one would ever have known about it but you guys at Sky Sports decided to put cameras on (laughs)”. This Monday, against Norway, there will be many cameras trained on the courageous captain of England. And even more if a penalty were to be whistled…

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