Women's Euro 2022 / Blue / The antisèche of France - Italy (5-1): Europe can tremble

Women’s Euro 2022 / Blue / The antisèche of France – Italy (5-1): Europe can tremble


The game: A masterpiece and a downside

However, Italy had prepared to defend with a 4-3-3 closer to 4-5-1 to put density both in the axis and on the sides. But these Blues were much too strong, from all points of view and in particular physically. The difference in level was glaring and materialized by the infernal pressing of the Habs and a much greater impact in the duels. They also showed their strengths on the wings with four of the five goals from actions started on the sides. The downside is a guilty slack after the break, although understandable with a five-goal lead. Les Bleues lost this period. But that’s all we can blame them for.

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“If someone had told me that we would lead 5-0 at half-time…”


The players: Geyoro superstar

The first goal of Les Bleues in this tournament, a historic hat-trick (see below), a dazzling performance in midfield: Grace Geyoro signed an XXL performance against Italy. There is also not much to throw away at Les Bleues, from Wendie Renard to Marie-Antoinette Katoto via Eve Périsset, Kadidiatou Diani or Delphine Cascarino. On the side of the Italians, Sara Gama, the defensive reference, embodied the nightmare of the Transalpine.

“Geyoro, the unexpected offensive weapon but revealing the incredible offensive potential of Les Bleues”

The X factor: The one who launches the Blue is Peyraud-Magnin

Before the attacking festival of Les Bleues, there was still a little hesitation at the start of the match. And if the Tricolores were not led in the score, it is thanks to Pauline Peyraud-Magnin. The French goalkeeper, face to face with Barbara Bonansea, signed an exceptional save by taking out the shot from the Italian when she seemed taken on the wrong foot. The story could have been different if France had found themselves behind in the score from the 3rd minute of play. she achieved this with a very accomplished performance.

State: 5

This is a historical introduction for the Blues. Both collectively and individually. No team had indeed managed to score five goals before the break in the history of the competition, which the French achieved against the Italians. And no player had scored three goals in the first period since the inception of the event. It is therefore an unprecedented performance for Grace Geyoro, who offered herself a hat-trick in the first 45 minutes of the match.

The tweet worth five goals

The declaration: Milena Bertolini, coach of Italy

Returning to the field, we did not think to return to the locker room led 5-0 at halftime

The question: Is France the most impressive team at the start of the Euro?

Les Bleues were particularly expected as the favorites had rather succeeded in their entry so far, in particular Germany and Norway. But none has really shown such potential as that of Les Bleues against Italy, a member of the Top 15 in the FIFA rankings. The Habs are obviously very well prepared to assume this status of title contenders. Already in the mental approach. They were able to release the pressure so as not to be inhibited by the event and their dazzling first period was the best proof of this.

But it is especially on their athletic dimension that the Blue impressed. The fruits of a very intense physical preparation before the tournament have already been reaped against Italy. They have clearly given themselves the means to make the most of a potential that already places them clearly above the average. And thus enhance their best assets, especially offensive. France is not the only nation to have individuals capable of making a difference at any time. But she released a collective strength greater than what we had seen since the start of the tournament.

It’s almost a good thing that Les Bleues conceded a goal and lost the second half. To measure that the slightest relaxation is paid at the cash price on this type of competition. To remember that it is always necessary to have the instinct of the killer, in front as behind. To keep in mind that the ones they have the most to fear from, ultimately, is themselves. Even if they did not have to suffer the consequences on the scoreboard in this extremely promising entry into the running.

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The notes of Les Bleues: A Geyoro at the zenith, a Katoto at the rendezvous


Euro 2022

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