Foot PSG – Messi and Neymar, Mbappé will take everything from PSG

Foot PSG – Messi and Neymar, Mbappé will take everything from PSG


Kylian Mbappé has started training with PSG and his season will soon be launched. His huge goals can do damage to Parisian stars Messi and Neymar.

Seeing Kylian Mbappé back at Camp des Loges at the start of the week was a dream that PSG supporters did not even dare to do a few months ago, when the Parisian striker was heading straight for Real Madrid. But the 2018 world champion has decided to carry the Parisian project for the next few seasons, with obviously very high objectives. That of getting the first Champions League from the Ile-de-France club is at the top of the list, but this Tuesday, L’Equipe looks at the enormous personal ambitions that the Frenchman has set himself for the coming season. And the supporters of Paris SG can salivate in advance, Mbappé returns motivated as ever to take another step in his career.

Penalties for Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé has never hidden it, his personal ambitions are important to him, and one of the reasons he extended to Paris is his intention to make history. In the first place by becoming the top scorer in the history of PSG. With 171 goals, he is 29 behind Edinson Cavani in official matches. If he continues on the form of recent years, the Uruguayan can tremble in the coming months. But Mbappé also dreams of entering the Top 10 top scorers in Ligue 1, while waiting for Gunnar Andersson’s 179 goals, even if Delio Onnis and his 299 goals will be difficult to get. Nevertheless, the sports daily clarifies it immediately, with a view to going ever further, Mbappé will want to take responsibility for penalties, while Neymar remained the regular shooter last season. For his part, Lionel Messi, since his costly failure against Real Madrid, has less to say. Will the two South Americans bow without flinching in this sector of play which is still very sensitive for egos?

A royal road for the Frenchman, who dreams of having his first season with 50 goals, in figures worthy of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo of the great years. For this, Mbappé has decided to work even harder, especially on two of his weak points. These are the free kicks, which he continues to refine even if he does not find the target in matches. Here too, Messi and Neymar are fierce competitors, and so far they have only left crumbs. There is also the heading game, which is not yet up to par with the rest of its range. Kylian Mbappé therefore returns with enormous ambitions and an appetite far from being satisfied. As with the Blues, where he keeps the failure of the Euro across his throat, the elimination against Real Madrid in the Champions League was not digested and his desire to improve but also to carry the PSG by taking its responsibilities on the field as in the locker room, make the former Monegasque the great leader of Paris for the season which will soon begin.

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