LOSC-Dunkerque (5-0): It starts strong!

LOSC-Dunkerque (5-0): It starts strong!



At Domaine de Luchin, LOSC began their campaign of warm-up matches with a clear and pretty victory against Dunkirk (5-0), thanks to goals from David (12′, 32′), Burlet (39′), Bamba (57′) and Bradaric (61′). But the main thing was elsewhere for Lille residents who thus validate the first part of their important preparatory work started since the resumption.

It’s been twelve days since our Mastiffs went back to training. Twelve days of intense, meticulous work, most often through two daily sessions led by Paulo Fonseca, the new architect of the Lille game. The first trial run for the Portuguese technician and his men takes place this Tuesday morning, in the heart of a Domaine de Luchin behind closed doors for a full-scale test against the neighbors of USL Dunkirk (National). In this kind of recovery match, only the content counts. The main thing is to reconnect with the feelings of the competition and to assimilate the first part of the preparation.

On the field side, the Lille start the meeting in a 4-2-3-1 with a hinge Leny Yoro – José Fonte bordered by the young Vincent Burlet on the left and Akim Zedadka on the right. The heart of the game is entrusted to Jonas Martin in duo with the young Matteo Makhabe, while the trio Timothy Weah – Angel Gomes – Joffrey Bazié is in charge of the offensive animation, in support of Jonathan David. The rhythm is immediately there. No weak time, it plays, it goes from one goal to another. Mastiffs are the most dangerous. Tim Weah’s long shot and countered is captured (4′), while Angel Gomes’ full-axis free kick is off target (10′). Lille’s third attempt is the right one. Launched in depth on the right side by José Fonte, Joffrey Bazié escapes his defender and crosses to the penalty spot to Jo David who finishes with a confident flat foot (1-0, 12′). LOSC clearly dominated the game, recovered the ball very high and deprived their opponent of any initiative. David, Weah, then Makhabe are in turn close to 2-0, but their attempts are repelled by the goalkeeper (22′), off target (23′) or not strong enough (30′). The 2-0, however, was not long in slamming into the tranquility of the Domaine de Luchin, when José Fonte alerts Jonathan David who scores from the left from the edge of the box (2-0, 32′). Two, then three when the same Jo David serves Vincent Burlet at the entrance to the area, left side. The shot on the ground hits the opposite post and goes into the back (3-0, 39 ‘)just before the break is whistled in the 40th.


When he returned from the locker room, Paulo Fonseca greatly improved his eleven. Chevalier – Ramet, Yoro, Raghouber, Bradaric – André, Baleba – Bazié, Cabella, Bamba – Yazici take their place on the field for the second act. With a long shot but pushed back by the goalkeeper (49′), Yusuf Yazici launches a second period in the form of a new match since opposite, the Maritimes have also changed their entire eleven. As for Lucas Chevalier, he saved his camp from a magnificent horizontal save on a powerful shot (53′). LOSC continues to attack. Realistically. Right side, Simon Ramet crosses for Jonathan Bamba, alone at the far post, who scores with a flat foot (4-0, 57′). The Mastiffs deploy generous and exciting football. On this movement started in Lille defense, the ball went up quickly on the right side, then completely reversed on the left wing where jonathan Bamba launches Domagoj Bradaric who bursts in and adjusts the goalkeeper with a cross shot (5-0, 61′). As for Joffrey Bazié, he saw his long shot caught by the goalkeeper, at the heart of a strong Lille moment which did not weaken (72 ‘). On the strike, the young Burkinabe then serves Yusuf Yazici, whose full-axis attempt misses the target by a few centimeters (74’).

The meeting ends, as in the first period, after 40 minutes in the second act. Dominating from one end of the game to the other, the LOSC largely imposed themselves and signed a very encouraging and exciting first copy.


1st preparation meeting – Season 2022-2023
Tuesday July 12, 2022 (11:30 a.m.) – Domaine de Luchin (in camera)

Referee: M.Bollengier

But : David (12′, 32′), Burlet (39′), Bamba (57′), Bradaric (61′) for LOSC

LOSC (1st period): Jardim – Zedadka, Yoro, Fontaine (cap), Burlet – Martin, Makhabe – Bazie, Gomes, Weah – David

LOSC (2nd period): Chevalier–Ramet, Yoro, Raghouber, Bradaric–André, Baleba–Bazié, Cabella, Bamba–Yazici

Coach : Paulo Fonseca

USL Dunkirk (1st period): Pean, Photos, Gambor, Thiam (cap), Trichard, Anziani, Pierre, Keita, Majouga, Ba-Sy, Ghrieb

USL Dunkirk (2nd period): Balijon (cap.), Condo, Vannoye, Gueye, Gricourt, Egny, Bardeli, Cadoche, Bear, Skin, Genty

Coach : Romain Revelli

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