Retraining in IT made easier for young graduates

Retraining in IT made easier for young graduates


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What is IT?

IT or Information Technology refers to information technology. These relate to the use of computers, networks, devices, infrastructures and processes involved in the creation, storage, processing, exchange and protection of electronic data. In companies, the IT department is no longer confined to a support function, but is a major player. A true channel, distributor and guardian of data, it has become essential. The Information Systems Department intervenes in particular in the pooling of information and the sharing of data.

Three good reasons to convert to IT

A key job: Professional projects that do not succeed or school courses without a future are unfortunately plethora. Inadequate with the job market, they no longer meet the real needs of the market. In IT, there are many places to take and by choosing the right training organization, there is no harm in starting a career. In 2022, 191,000 jobs in IT are to be filled. In addition, given the shortage of candidates, annual salaries are very attractive, between 38,000 and 45,000 euros for a young graduate.

A dynamic career: If being hired easily and with an attractive salary is a convincing argument, the list of advantages of IT jobs does not stop there. A career in IT is anything but linear. Missions, projects and professional challenges abound. Beyond being stimulated and growing in one’s skills, the dynamism of the sector makes it possible to progress project after project, to renew one’s knowledge and to always be in line with the needs of the market. Young graduates looking for action, professional renewal, rapid skills development will be satisfied.

A flexible job: IT companies are competing for ideas to land their rare pearl. And to recruit them, they offer them a very attractive quality of life at work. Benefit from the status of freelancer and telecommuting… Freedom and flexibility are additional arguments for moving towards IT professions. Bonuses, digital nomad, salary supplements, balance between personal and professional life, the IT professions have a lot to seduce.

Choose the Job Village for your IT training

The Employment Village training ticks all the boxes for professional retraining in IT. A solution synonymous with ease and performance.

Easy access training: All you need is a Bac+2 from all backgrounds to join this course. Literary course, training in human resources or office automation… regardless of the school origin, the doors of training are open. No computer prerequisites are necessary, you just need to be motivated.

Easy learning: Another simplification, the program. It is not a transmission of theoretical knowledge, but rather that of know-how and know-how, transmitted by experts in the profession. The program, synthetic, targets the essential knowledge of the field in order to reduce the duration of the training. Nine months are enough to integrate the theoretical bases of the profession. Then comes the time of the internship in one of the partner companies to confront his knowledge with the realities on the ground. And the quality of support, teaching, monitoring and the availability of trainers facilitate the implementation of knowledge.

Hiring made easy: Finding a job via the Job Village (VDE) is child’s play. Either you stay in your host company to continue the collaboration, or you are hired by other companies in the market. In addition to the partner network, hiring is facilitated by the profile of the person trained by VDE: he stands out from other candidates, he stands out, because VDE training is intended to implement the knowledge of an expert. Skills make all the difference.

Highly sought-after IT positions

Project management assistant, Business Intelligence, New technologies and development, Data Management… candidates have no difficulty starting their career in IT. Moreover, the VDE has already launched 5,400 careers synonymous with success, thanks to dedicated experts such as Ahmed Akrour, Business Intelligence and IS Architecture specialist.

A convincing field, high-quality retraining in line with market needs, professional training with a promise of employment at the key, this is the promise of the Employment Village for young graduates for a project that go further, higher, faster. A new story to live, that of a successful professional retraining in IT.

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