Mercato: how will OM (finally) get rid of the biggest ball in their history?  - Soccer

Mercato: how will OM (finally) get rid of the biggest ball in their history? – Soccer


Back at Olympique de Marseille after his loan to Cagliari, where he did not really give satisfaction and where he could not have stayed in any case due to relegation to Serie B, Kevin Strootman is called quickly leave. But where?

OM would have liked to see Strootman wear this jersey for another year.

Ah, if Cagliari had remained in Serie A… Kevin Strootman’s adventure in Marseilles was close to being over, we were unlucky. A sentence heard in the mouth of a leader of Olympique de Marseille, and reported in L’Equipe this Wednesday.

Because yes, if the recent 2nd in Ligue 1 is skating at the level of the transfer window regarding arrivals, he has indeed recorded the return of his 32-year-old midfielder. A real pebble in the shoe of President Pablo Longoria.

OM thought they would see him finish Cagliari

Last summer, after having sent him to Genoa for six months, the OM boss thought he had gotten rid of him for good by completing a two-year loan with Cagliari. By granting 60% of the salary, of course, but that ensured the Marseille club to keep Strootman away from the Commandery until his contract ended in 2023. In the end, nothing will happen. And, in any case, the Batavian is not really regret in Sardiniadetails The team this Wednesday.

He played a lot at the start, before leaving the coach’s plans and having surgery on his left knee again in December. A rumor has even made mention of a return to Marseille from last winter, but it was finally in July that Longoria recovered the poisoned gift from his predecessor Jacques-Henri Eyraud. As a reminder, he had – on the advice of former coach Rudi Garcia – disbursed € 25 million to buy Strootman from Roma in 2018.

And now, what to do with Strootman?

And now, what to do with Strootman? OM supporters suspect it: the Dutch midfielder is called to leave quickly. And very quickly, even, if this can allow management to save at least a monthly payment of 550,000 euros. The latter therefore sent a clear message to the player in him politely signifying his dismissalwrites The team this Wednesday: Strootman does not train with the group, and his agents are invited to find him a final way out.

It remains to be seen who will want to welcome him. Only a loan with support for part of the salary or an amicable termination seem possible, because no high-level club will risk buying out its last year of contract. But, according to The team, the representatives of the Batavian do not intend to make any gift: When he finds a club, the two parties will change about his last year of contract, his clan trying to snatch the most monthly payments from OMcan we read in the daily newspaper.

Strootman opened a departure to the Middle East

Unless a rich Middle Eastern club saves OM’s finances, weighed down by the Dutchman’s salary? Also according to the sports daily, the former Roma metronome would now be open to experience in the Gulf countries. Charges its representatives to make the link, because Strootman has no future in Marseille. And it will probably never symbolize the failure and amateurism of the presidency of Jacques-Henri Eyraud.

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