Tomorrow belongs to us: after Louise, another character will die tragically - News Séries on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: after Louise, another character will die tragically – News Séries on TV


While the person responsible for the sabotage has still not been identified in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, a tragic and unexpected death will shake the series in the next episodes and will change the life of the Delcourt clan.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

After the death of Louise (Alexandra Naoum), which upset viewers a few weeks ago on TF1, the heroes of Tomorrow belongs to us will have to face another difficult mourning in the next episodes of the daily soap opera led by Ingrid Chauvin.

At the center of the plot since the end of June, the new Delcourt farmhouse has recently been the target of a series of sabotages which almost cost the lives of Alex (Alexandre Brasseur) and Judith (Alice Varela). .

And while the police are currently trying to see through the long list of suspects, which includes Justin Poget (François Viette), the former employee of the establishment, and Robin Bellanger (Dominique Guillo), an unexpected death will to disrupt the investigation.

In the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tonight on TF1, Noa (Tristan Jerram) will do a nice statement to Judithassuring her that he is still madly in love with her, despite their breakup, and that she is all he has left since his grandfather died.

Touched, Judith will then propose to her ex to go for a drink the same evening alone. But this possible rapprochement, initiated when Noa is more and more jealous of Jordan (Maxime Lélue), will be marred by a tragedy.

At the end of the day, Noa is going to be electrocuted while he is using the industrial oyster washer of the farmhouse. Witness of the scene, Judith will rush towards the young man, who has collapsed on the ground, unconscious, and will call his father for help. In vain.

In the episode which will be broadcast this Wednesday, July 13 on TF1, and which can already be discovered on Salto, viewers will indeed learn that Noa could not be revived by the emergency services and that he died because of of this electrocution which was not accidental since the oyster washer was deliberately sabotaged.


A shock which will obviously upset Judith, totally inconsolable after this tragedy, and which will plunge Alex into the most total disarray. The character of Alex Brasseur, who will soon be absent from the series, not understanding why we try so hard to hurt his loved ones and his exploitation.

Introduced in June 2021 in Tomorrow belongs to us, Tristan Jerram, whose character had quickly formed a couple with Judith following the end of the love story between the latter and Souleymane, is therefore added to the long list of actors having bid farewell to the soap opera over the past year.

And if everything suggests that the death of Noa will allow the authors to gradually initiate a real rapprochement between Judith and Jordan, it will above all have the effect of relaunching the investigation around the sabotages in the episodes to come. With the highlighting of a new suspect who may well surprise more than one: Bart Vallorta (Hector Langevin).

Although he still hasn’t recovered from Louise’s death and is drowning more and more in his grief and anger, did Bart really have been able to go so far as to commit murder in revenge? of Alex, whom he holds responsible for the internment of Flore in a psychiatric hospital? Answer in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us.

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