When Chris Paul invests in Provence rosé

When Chris Paul invests in Provence rosé


Stainless on the NBA floors, at 37 years old, Chris Paul improves year after year like good wine. A drink that he is particularly fond of, and his family holidays around the Mediterranean must certainly satisfy him on this level.

But the Suns player didn’t just come to France, near Cogolin in the Var, to take advantage of the great wines of the region, since he is also (and above all?) there to develop his business in the wine sector.

Like a certain Tony Parker, his friend and mentor with whom he exchanges on the subject, Chris Paul has indeed decided to bet on a rosé from Provence (Château Saint-Maur). And this in order to spread it “ in the US market ” and in ” many other countries later “, as transcribed by our colleagues from Var-Matin.

An ambition that came to him from his meeting with Donae Burston, an entrepreneur who created the “Fête du Rosé” brand.

I met him during the first pandemic, in 2020, and shared his wine with my basketball friends in the ‘bubble’ of Orlando “, Details the All-Star leader, about the reasons that led him to the Var. ” I who am a great wine lover, Donae immediately seduced me with his knowledge and his speech of wanting to democratize the consumption of rosé from Provence to a wider audience, from minorities. We are both very involved in this cause, which of course has no place among the French, for whom rosé is already a matter of course. Where, with us, it can be intimidating, because still considered a luxury product. »

I would like to own my basketball team one day. »

Through his various (and numerous) investments, in the oenology sectors therefore, but also in food, technology and finance, Chris Paul thus intends to act as ambassadors for other sportsmen, whether they whether they are of his generation or not.

I’m going into my 18th season in the NBA, which is a privilege, and during that time I’ve been able to grow as a professional athlete and learn “, delivers the one who will return this weekend to the United States. ” On the wine side, I started with Riesling. I must have been 20, I didn’t know much about it and, for me, it was kind of a treat! The idea is therefore to show the way to young players who look like me, to make them understand that they can also play a role in an industry that they appreciate. »

Still among the best point guards in the league, despite his advanced age, Chris Paul also does not forget to keep in shape on a daily basis, ” on [son] yacht “, while the Suns will still be among the contenders for the title in 2022/23 (especially if Kevin Durant joins them…).

But “CP3” is aware of it: he is at the twilight of his basketball adventure and, for him, it is already time to prepare for his post-career. As on the NBA floors, he does not lack ambition when it comes to talking about his future…

I feel in dazzling shape to continue in high-level sport. The time for retirement has not come! “, he warns first, before specifying. ” But like Tony [Parker]I would like to own my basketball team one day. Having worked for eight years as president of the players’ union allowed me to learn all the workings of business in the NBA. I’m ready ! »

Photo credit: La Fête Wine Company

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