La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, a livré des propos alarmants pour le reste de la ligue après la victoire de son équipe face aux Sacramento Kings

A big Lakers target tries to force his departure!


The Lakers have been seriously active in the trading market for the past few days, and should not change their approach anytime soon. Indeed, one of the players he covets would have enough in his franchise, and would push to leave it as soon as possible!

The quagmire Kyrie Irving has certainly delayed them, but it is clear that they are trying to make up for the time lost since the end of this soap opera. Long launched in pursuit of the star leader of the Nets, the Lakers finally saw their efforts remain in vain in this file. It is therefore time to activate new tracks to strengthen the angelino roster, some of which are hotter than others.

After obtaining the reinforcement of Patrick Beverley, Rob Pelinka and his assistants still hope to make some major moves by the start of the season. This would include the departure of Russell Westbrook to one of the two destinations available to himbut also by the arrival of other recruits. One of their targets would not, for example, be against the idea of ​​making a fresh start!

A Knicks talent soon at the Lakers?

It’s been several weeks now that the transfer market has focused mainly around a rumor, namely that sending Donovan Mitchell to the Knicks. The Lakers reportedly would like to join talks between New York and Utah, and recover on the way… Cam Reddish. This is good, since the young winger would like to leave the Big Apple according to Marc Berman of the New York Post !

As the Knicks enter their third month of negotiations with the Jazz over a Donovan Mitchell signing, they might want to make sure Cam Reddish is included in the deal. The Post has learned that Reddish wants to leave New York after being traded there in January, and struggling to establish himself in the rotation. A league source has indicated that Reddish wants to play a bigger role.

The marriage between the Knicks and Reddish has so far never worked, and was even doomed from the start according to this same source, which justifies Reddish’s desires elsewhere:

The Knicks didn’t have a plan for him when they signed him, and they still don’t. He would like to have a better opportunity elsewhere.

In this context, not surprising that the name of the Lakers returns in the discussions, the ones who have been keeping tabs on the old Dukie for a long time. Berman is not mistaken, and evokes two scenarios that would allow Purple & Gold to get their hands on him:

The Lakers are interested in Reddish, and could interfere in a three-team trade involving Mitchell. If they can’t, the Knicks could make a separate deal with Los Angeles, possibly in an effort to recoup a first-round pick they would lose if they reach an agreement with Utah.

Longtime Lakers target Cam Reddish would like to leave the Knicks just eight months after joining them. A godsend for Rob Pelinka, who would then have all the cards in hand to attract the lottery pick in Los Angeles!

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