Un exécutif NBA a affirmé ne pas vouloir gaspiller un pick pour Bronny James, ce qui pourrait ne pas plaire à LeBron

Lakers owner’s viral outing on Bronny James!


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As he is just about to start his last season on the high school circuit, Bronny James is already being scrutinized in the ranks of the NBA. Recently, it was even the owner of the Lakers, Jeanie Buss, who was called to speak on her case!

The performances he was able to deliver this summer only increased the already significant enthusiasm that surrounded him beforehand. Bronny James is coming off of a lively off-season, during which he has accumulated remarkable appearances on the AAU circuit, and a successful tour on European soil. A sequence which obviously delighted his father, whose news also proved to be agitated at the same time.

In addition to his incessant activity on social networks, james lebron mainly marked the spirits by extending his contract for two seasons at the Lakers. All this, while retaining an option for the 2024-25 campaign, just to give yourself the freedom to join at this deadline… the team in which Bronny will be drafted. No wonder, therefore, that its leaders keep an eye on the career of the latter.

Bronny James already at the heart of Lakers talks

Recently the subject of an interview with Sam Amick for AthleticismJeanie Buss has been outspoken that she would like to see LeBron retire from his franchise. For this, the Angelinos will a priori necessarily have to get their hands on Bronny in 2024. Launched on the young fullback, the owner obviously did not wish to break the rules, and offered a most polite response to his interlocutor:

First of all, I was warned that I can’t talk about a minor player or a player who, you know, is still playing on the amateur circuit. So I don’t want to ruin anyone’s eligibility, or cause any problems like that. But LeBron is a really passionate person, and he wants to be in a position where he feels he can pile on the successes.

It is indeed better to avoid fines for tampering for Purple & Gold, which had for example already been sanctioned several times for this reason not so long ago, under the reign of Magic Johnson in the front office. Likewise, the NCAA can sometimes be very strict towards the prospects called upon to join it. By remaining silent in this way, Buss can therefore avoid big trouble for Bronny.

Either way, it’s interesting to note that LA HQ has already discussed the Sierra Canyon star internally. Without it, Jeanie wouldn’t have been asked to wrap up about her during this interview. There is therefore a good chance that the Lakers are preparing the arrival of son James behind the scenes, so as to convince LeBron to end his career there. They would also be wrong not to prepare the ground already!

By seeking to follow the rules to the letter, Jeanie Buss nevertheless indirectly made it clear that the Lakers are carefully monitoring the course of Bronny James. It will indeed be necessary to draft him within two years to keep LeBron for sure!

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