NBA Donovan Mitchell part aux Cavs

Big revelation on Donovan Mitchell, after his departure from Jazz!


It’s official, Donovan Mitchell is now a Cleveland player, having been traded by Utah after weeks of rumors surrounding him. According to a famous insider, Spida had a rather extreme reaction when he heard the news. in the good or the bad sense of the term?

After five years and 8,234 regular season points for the Jazz, Donovan Mitchell is no longer the franchise player of the Mormons. Sent to the Cavaliers recently, he thus allowed his former team to officially begin its reconstruction, which obtained a lot of assets in return for n°45. It’s a real page that turns for the back, who will play in the NBA for the first time for a team other than Salt Lake City.

While almost everyone saw him join the Knicks or the Heat, big markets on which he was squinting, it was finally in Ohio that his career would continue. It’s not the most attractive destination on paper… and yet, his first reaction on Twitter suggests that he is particularly enthusiastic about this idea. According to famous insider Brian Windhorst, he even caused a scene when he heard the news, being overjoyed:

Mitchell ecstatic after Cavs trade

It’s a good fit for Donovan Mitchell. And I’ll tell you, I can’t tell you how I know, but I know when he found out. And I’m aware of when he found out what was in the trade. And when he found out – he was on a golf course – and when he found out that Mobley, Jarrett Allen, and Darius Garland weren’t in the trade, and neither was Kevin Love, he yelled around the course of golf, he was so excited.

He’s extremely excited right now. I’m sure he would have liked to be a Knick from New York, it’s his hometown. But he is extremely excited about what awaits him now.

Here is one who is convinced to have hit the jackpot … or else Spida was happy to leave Utah, with whom he could not break into the playoffs. However, it should no longer be the same story with Cleveland.

Indeed, the men of JB Bickerstaff were the nice surprise of last season, reaching the Play-In after having long squatted the Top 5 in the East. Importantly, they only really lost Collin Sexton in the trade, and he had hardly played in 2021-22. The rest of the players such as Lauri Markannen were not essential, and the guard will therefore be able to evolve alongside the neo-All-Star Garland as well as a string of young people with long teeth. Enough for hyper fans:

Utah was a playoff team, but Cleveland just secured its core for the next three seasons. Watch out for the Cavs!

Donovan Mitchell would therefore be delighted to have landed at the Cavaliers, although it is not a big market like what he would have wanted to join at first glance. The exciting project in Ohio, however, may have convinced him, he who will be the figurehead of this ambitious team.

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