Norris Cole: 'A chance is all I ask for'

Norris Cole: ‘A chance is all I ask for’


With Jodie Meeks, Norris Cole and Patrick McCaw are the two heads of the gondolas of Team USA for this Americup which begins today in Brazil.

Double NBA champion with Yummy, Norris Cole has traveled a lot in Europe since leaving the NBA in 2017, in France in particular (Asvel, Monaco, Bourg-en-Bresse). Patrick McCaw, for his part, remains on a rather discreet year concluded with a move to the G-League at the Delaware Blue Coats.

Suffice to say that the two players are looking for redemption and that they necessarily have in mind the idea of ​​​​shine in this competition to try to regain a place in the NBA.

Shine in Americaup, the first step

For Patrick McCaw, the priority will first be to shine in the American jersey, and at the same time to show that his injuries to the spine and knee are well and truly behind him.

“I disappeared from the radars”, he recalled. “I think it’s a big step because people are going to be able to watch those games and see where I’m at now. It will help, that’s for sure. It was the injuries that set me back. It wasn’t something else that got in my way, not life, not behavioral change. These are the wounds. And it was difficult to manage them. But this trip to Brazil, I really think it will open doors for me again”.

Only then will come the possibility of considering a return to the NBA.

“I want to come back to the NBA. I know it’s a process. And I know that one day will come. It could be anytime, next week, next month, next year… When it’s supposed to happen, it will happen. But for now, my focus is on the United States”pursued the 26-year-old full-back/winger.

Norris Cole, for his part, was a little more pressing and for good reason, at 33, time is running against him. Another element: the leader is convinced of always having the level to evolve in the most league in the world.

“I still have the skills. God has allowed me to be blessed again on this point. I still have the fire, the hunger and I still feel that I have something to prove, things that I would like to accomplish as a player. That feeling of winning a title, of being on a mission, of having a goal and working to try to get there again, that’s what drives me as a competitor. And I want to get that feeling back.”he launched.

Accustomed to winning

During training camp in Las Vegas, Norris Cole took the lead, showing a competitive spirit and trying to push others, including Patrick McCaw, whom he did not hesitate to put forward.

“We had the victory. Patrick has this thing, he knows what it is. Every time you’re surrounded by winners, it rubs off on you. He’s got that, he’s got a fun personality, and I think he really deserves another chance. I am convinced that he deserves to be part of an NBA team”he added.

The performances of the tandem will be decisive during this Americup before hoping to land a spot in an NBA roster. That’s all that motivates Norris Cole: to find the most prestigious stage in the world.

“Just a chance, that’s all I ask. I have a lot to bring to a team. I want to keep showing it.” First step today against Mexico for Team USA.

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