JaVale McGee 2 septembre 2022

The Elam Ending in the NBA? You dreamed it, the… G League did it


The info went relatively under the radar last night and for good reason, it’s not as if we were in the middle of the Euro, it’s not as if the Woj had dropped a huge bomb on us at 9:33 p.m. In short, the info is that the Elam Ending system will be tested next season in the G League, and that in the most logical logic it is perhaps in the NBA that we could find this kind of money medium-term time. Don’t move, we’ll tell you what we’re talking about.

What is the “Elam Ending”? A very street well playground system, tested for the first time in the NBA during the All-Star Game 2020, a perfect opportunity that year, too, to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant, who died a few weeks earlier. What are we talking about ? Revisited end of matches, with – rather than a ticking clock – a certain total of points to reach, determined before the match of course. The simplest in these cases? Give you an example because we feel that we have already lost a few:

End of the third quarter: the Warriors lead 82-76 against the Nuggets. Assuming that the number of points to be reached is 15, the winner of the match will be the team that reaches first… 97 points (82+15). We are there is it good? Which therefore means that any slight difference means nothing at the start of the last quarter, which also means that in the event of a blow-out a match can end very quickly and that’s not so bad.and which means above all that when the Elam Ending is used, each match ends by definition with… a game winner, oh the pleasure.

And it is therefore in the G League, a development league that has never lived up to its name so well, that this system will be tested next season, on the occasion of EVERY match that will go to extra time, and on occasion too , life-size test, of all the fourth quarters of the mid-season tournament in Las Vegas.

Is this a good thing or not? Two schools clash. On the one hand, the happy ones, all exhilarated to see change and a more exciting, more street, more catchy configuration, and on the other certain more nuanced souls, who wonder if game winners in each match would not cause the beauty of these moments to be lost, precisely born of their rarity. Then after the Elam Ending the 4-point line, then then the possibility of having a friend shoot a shot while we are there, in short we can also understand that moving the lines concerning everything related to the very essence basketball – its rules – could freak some people out.

We reassure them, not tomorrow the day before probably that the NBA will not be tempted by the devil of change, but we will keep an eye on the G League next season and what all that can look like on a regular basis. Giving a little relief at the end of the match why not, establishing a general zbeul is no, and then imagine two minutes JaVale McGee trying to understand the rules in the middle of a match, you have to think about that, too.

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