NBA Les Cavs avec le meilleur 5 en NBA ?

“They have the best major 5 in the league”: the controversial opinion of a former bully!


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There have been quite a few significant moves this summer, and some franchises have been arming themselves heavily. According to a former player, one of them has the best major five in the NBA now! Except that this still remains to be seen, and the opinion seems a little premature.

After years of struggling following the departure of LeBron James, Cleveland is back on the upward slope. The Ohio players came a hair’s breadth from going to the playoffs last year, much better than everyone expected of them. History to justify its ambitions, the franchise has just hit very hard trading for Donovan Mitchell. He therefore joins a promising group, with Darius Garland, Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley as new teammates:

The group is certainly very young, but it is also steeped in talent and we can particularly salivate about the potential of the backcourt formed by Spida and Garland, elected All-Star for the first time in 2021-22. On the side of the observers, we are already beginning to ignite… a little too much even, in the case of some. Kendrick Perkins, for example, shocked the web after the announcement of the transfer, with a sensational statement about JB Bickerstaff’s men:

Kendrick Perkins rave about the Cavaliers

On paper, the Cavs have the best major five in the league!!! They can potentially have 4 All-Stars next season.

So yes, the potential is there, but this new squad from Ohio has not yet played a single minute together… Making such comments therefore seems a bit premature, especially since the competition has not been idle either , including in the East. Perk’ therefore quickly descended into the comments:

They now have the best frontcourt since Jordan-Pippen-Harper, don’t they? Just say it so we can laugh at the end of the season when you’re looking for explanations for how they didn’t accomplish anything, like you do every time.

Kendrick Perkins proclaims it loud and clear, the Cavaliers are the team with the best five in the league. The competition is not left out, however, we think in particular of the Warriors, Nets or Sixers… and then, we will have to check if the mayonnaise can take with Donovan Mitchell.

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