USA: two months before crucial elections, Joe Biden tries to take the advantage by targeting Donald Trump in particular

USA: two months before crucial elections, Joe Biden tries to take the advantage by targeting Donald Trump in particular


Joe Biden denounces Trump’s extremism. The US President spoke in a televised address last night in carefully chosen decorum in Pennsylvania for a frontal attack on what he calls MAGA (Make America Great Again) Republicans who he says threaten the very foundations of American democracy. A vibrant appeal launched just over two months before a key election.

Americans must vote for the midterms, the midterm elections, which renew the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate in November. These crucial elections will determine the political balance in Washington for the next two years. Every seat will count. In the House, the Republicans could regain the majority narrowly, while the Senate remains cut in two at 50/50.

A threat to the country

Former President Trump and those who subscribe to his ideology”Make America Great Again”, “did not respect the Constitution. They don’t believe in the rule of law. They don’t recognize the will of the people” hammered the Democratic president.

He is careful to clear non-Trumpist Republicans: “Not All Republicans Are MAGA Republicans“. A political openness to other Republicans therefore. But “the Republican Party today is dominated, pushed and intimidated by Donald Trump and the Maga Republicans, and that is a threat to this country.”

Unmindful of a ruckus organized by Trump supporters, the US president went on to almost shout: “For a long time we thought that American democracy is guaranteed. But this is not the case. We must defend it. Protect her. Each of us.”

Last week, Joe Biden equated what he called Republicans”extremes“has a”semi-fascism“.

A charge of unprecedented violence against Trump supporters

President Biden dramatizes the campaign because traditionally the midterms are unfavorable to the White House even if the latest polls which gave the Republicans the winners a few months ago let him see a slight lead. Measures such as the cancellation of student debt, the improvement of infrastructure, climate measures, for veterans… have enabled Joe Biden to rise in the polls. And two Republican seats that have become vacant have just returned to the Democrats in a week in by-elections, including that of Alaska, which escapes a ghost from the radical right, Sarah Palin. The presidential majority once again believes in its chances.

But going from catastrophic to simply bad is not enough for Biden. It was therefore necessary to consolidate the advantage.

The place and the scenography were well chosen: Pennsylvania is a key state to win the midterms and Joe Biden spoke at the foot of Philadelphia’s “Independence Hall”, where the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution were adopted. Behind him, on a wall partly lit in blood red, stood the motionless silhouettes of two soldiers in full dress.

The words chosen are strong:extremism”, “threat to democracy“, “fear and darkness”, “chaos”, “lies“…

By targeting Donald Trump, Joe Biden seeks to shift the political debate: he seeks to make the November election more of a referendum on Donald Trump and his ideas than on his own mid-term actions.

For this, he shines the spotlight on the threats to American democracy, embodied in his eyes by Donald Trump. Joe Biden no longer takes precautions and designates his enemy for the first time in public: Donald Trump. He blames him in particular for his refusal to recognize the results of the elections.

Taking advantage of the shock caused in American opinion by the end of the right to abortion, the president sends a message to voters: go vote. The timing is right, but there are still two months to go before the election, an eternity in politics.

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