L'arrière français Evan Fournier a livré une réaction surprise après la séquence lunaire intervenue à l'issue du match des Bleus face à la Bosnie-Herzégovine

Evan Fournier posts a controversial tweet, he gets cut up!


Evan Fournier never hid it after the defeat in the EuroBasket final against Spain: he is disappointed. He came into this competition to have gold around his neck, and nothing else. A mentality shared by Rudy Gobert, but not necessarily by everyone. When justifying himself on Twitter, the Knicks player made some enemies with his unusually aggressive response.

The disappointment must still be present for our Blues after the defeat at EuroBasket, especially against the Spanish team. The ambition was very clear for Vincent Collet’s men before the start: it’s gold or nothing. In the end, they will have to settle for silver, which does not please Evan Fournier and Rudy Gobert, who immediately removed their medals from their necks (review here) at the time of the post-match ceremony.

Evan Fournier annoyed by criticism of his attitude

No need to look far to understand this behavior: the two leaders of this EDF are frustrated. Even if Spain were stronger in this final, they know full well that there was better to do in a meeting with such a stake. The Knicks player remains the most affected by this disappointment, proof with his response on Twitter this Saturday evening, where he attacked a surfer reproaching him for his attitude.

A particularly offensive response from Evan, to wonder if a liability exists between the two people. In any case, others didn’t like the Frenchman’s aggressiveness, especially against people who supported EDF in the past:

Annoyed, Evan Fournier obviously had a score to settle on his Twitter account. Let’s hope he is not aimed at all supporters like this, those who will be the first to support him on the side of the Knicks for the 2022/23 campaign, and with the Blues for the Worlds and the Olympic Games. For the Frenchman, there will still be the possibility of striking gold.

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