Ime Udoka swayed by a star?  The revelation that changes everything!

Ime Udoka swayed by a star? The revelation that changes everything!


The soap opera Ime Udoka is far from coming to an end if we believe the recent rumors, which continue to overwhelm the coach. The latter is suspended for an entire season, but if all the stories are confirmed, he risks a much more serious sanction from his leaders. A return to an NBA bench seems impossible, especially since a Celtics star could be involved.

It’s been a few days since the soap opera Ime Udoka came to turn the NBA landscape upside down, with a suspension that came out of nowhere. The coach will no longer be in charge of Jayson Tatum and his teammates for the upcoming campaign, the fault of his intimate relationship with a staff employee, which is strictly prohibited by the organization. What does not help Udoka is that he is married to Nia Long (for the moment), a very respected actress across the Atlantic.

Damning details for Ime Udoka!

Between his sanction and his marriage now over, needless to say that the Celtics coach is not going through the best period of his life. But how did it get there? According to someone close to Nia, it is a star of the roster who could be behind this story, after a tense exchange in the locker room. Clearly, Udoka may have been betrayed by one of his own players.

According to a friend of Nia Long’s, Ima recently had what she calls “problems” with a Boston Celtics player. This friend thinks that the player in question has decided to dump Ime. “He had problems with this Boston player and coincidentally, the news falls? It is not a coincidence. »

“If it was a consensual, consensual relationship, then someone else had to tell Celtics management. It wasn’t Ime or that s*****. So who else could it be? »

A version that matches the latest revelations from The Athletic, which claims that some staff members were aware of the relationship since July.

Ime really ruined everything. Nia is devastated by this story, but she also feels embarrassed. His career is in shambles. Nobody wins out of this.

Heavy accusations, which could be confirmed over the weeks. ESPN reporter Zach Lowe says this story still hides dark secrets that haven’t been revealed to the general public:

Based on what we learned about Udoka, we talked about it for more than 20 hours, I think this story is a hell of a mess. It’s really ugly, and it could end badly.

Celtics fans are warned, the Ime Udoka story is far from over, as more revelations are expected regarding the coach and his infidelity. A real problem for Jayson Tatum’s teammates, who will quickly have to move on to focus on their season…unless a player is directly involved.

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