Le top-prospect français Victor Wembanyama pourrait provoquer à lui seul un énorme mouvement de masse en NBA

A legend on his knees in front of Victor Wembanyama: “It’s like watching…”


Victor Wembanyama has not only convinced the media with his exploits in the US, he has also put several Hall of Famers in his pocket. One of them raved about him recently, even comparing him to one of the most prolific scorers in history.

Victor Wembanyama’s two matches against Team Ignite were perhaps the best thing that could have happened to him. Because thanks to his two masterclasses, he managed to get everyone to agree on his potential, which is more brilliant on US soil. Whether through his technical palette or his frightening physique, the pivot of the Metropolitans 92 is now on everyone’s lips across the Atlantic and the first pick in 2023 is reaching out to him more than ever.

The media have been showering him with compliments since his performances against Scoot Henderson & co., but the nugget from France has also caught the attention of the big names in the orange ball. A few days ago, Shaquille O’Neal was thus rave about him and the Big Diesel was joined by Isiah Thomas in this direction. Interviewed by house of reboundthe former Detroit point guard did not cut corners to give his verdict on the V:

Isiah Thomas admiring Victor Wembanyama

He’ll be the first pick in the draft, that’s for sure. Watching him play in attack is like watching a 2m21 George Gervin. He is “smooth” like him, he has the shot, and he even has some facial expressions from George Gervin. I don’t know if he’s ever been able to watch George Gervin videos, but when I watch him play, it really reminds me of George Gervin playing.

He will change the way the game is played. There will be a lot of pressure on his shoulders but he seems to be at peace with it. I really like his strength of character, his attitude. It is someone who dominates, and there are those who play and those who dominate. I didn’t just want to play, I wanted to dominate. And that seems to be his way of approaching games: “I’m going to dominate the opponent”.

Big fan of Killian Hayes at the PistonsZeke obviously has a weakness for the young French shoots of the moment. Because the comparison with George Gervin is far from trivial, for those who do not know his career. Magic Johnson once called him the all-time leading scorer, and “Iceman” has won the all-time leading scorer title four times. In just 10 NBA seasons, he scored more than 20,000 points and in particular popularized the “finger roll” gesture:

George Gervin was an ultra-complete scorer, both athletically and technically. It is therefore a sacred honor that Isiah Thomas reserves for Victor Wembanyama, the legend being convinced that the pivot of the Mets has promised a delirious future.

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