The ring ceremony, bonus or malus for the NBA champion?

The ring ceremony, bonus or malus for the NBA champion?


The NBA is settled like clockwork and each year, it finds different highlights that punctuate its season. It all starts with a Opening night in full swing during the ring ceremony. Emotions flow and the defending champion must then chain his first match. Not always easy, even for the defending champions. Besides, what is the trend of bell night ?

A room in madness, diamonds everywhere, a banner that rises, a whole heap of confetti and emotions in shambles for the defending champion franchise. This is the caricature that street artists would draw if they had to tackle the famous ceremony of handing over the rings. In its huge mess, the NBA remains quite formal and each year the champion receives his rings just before his first match. Very often, it’s a gala poster that follows and it is therefore better to take advantage of the present moment and recover soon at work so as not to disappoint his fanbase and draw very hasty conclusions. No matter what happens there, this night remains special and it is not Stephen Curry who said the opposite at the microphone ofESPN just before the start of the 2018-19 season:

“The ring ceremony is honestly the weirdest night of the year. You’re celebrating something that happened four months ago, you have to enjoy the moment, see the banner go up, feel the energy of the crowd, then you have to put the rings away, go warm up for two and a half minutes and play an NBA game against a team drooling to beat you after watching all that ceremony. »

Attending all this at the forefront, the opposing players sometimes have long teeth, like an Anthony Davis who already promises to come and play spoilsport in the Bay of San Francisco tonight. But the history of the Great League does not really justify theUnibrow. Over the last 30 ring ceremonies, the results are largely in favor of the defending champion roster with 23 wins for 7 losses. If we go back to the start of the 1946-47 season, we realize not only that Udonis Haslem was already there but above all that the champion team lost only 16 times. In short, the general trend is on the side of ringed even if some defeats have really marked the spirits, especially during the last two decades.

Examples not to follow for a successful ceremony

Three-peat ruined and end announced : Throwback to the start of the 2002-03 season, the Lakers are about to celebrate a third bell night consecutive. Thanks to the Kobe Bryant – Shaquille O’Neal duo, the Los Angeles franchise has indeed won the last three championships, but with an aging Shaq, his visits to the infirmary are more frequent and he is in civilian clothes for the opening of the campaign. It is therefore a Kobe alone at the helm, and probably very happy to be so, who receives his ring in front of the Spurs before trying to guide the Lakers on this October 29, 2002. The following match does not include either spanking or revenge (87-82 defeat of the Lakers), but represents more the beginning of a complicated season for the champions and which will end with a transfer of power between Los Angeles and San Antonio. A few months later, Tim Duncan, TP, Ginobili… will indeed seek a ring by dominating these same Lakers (4-2) in the second round of the Playoffs.

The Miami Heat of 2006: We are about to start the 2006-07 season. During the last exercise, the troop of south beach swept the bet to win an NBA title thanks to an all-time Dwyane Wade. Everything is rolling for the Heat, which will receive the jeweler’s delivery just before its first game against the Bulls. Wade, Shaq, Gary Payton, Udonis Haslem or even Alonzo Mourning will adorn themselves with diamonds and then chain a victory against Chicago. Anyway, that’s what everyone thinks. But very quickly, the Heat will become disillusioned and receive a hell of a rouste despite Flash’s efforts. Chicago did not come to joke and under the leadership of a… Gala Gala Kirk Hinrich (26 pawns), the Bulls are terrifying all of Miami on Halloween night. 108-66, +42, the party is over.

Revenge of the Three Amigos: A few seasons later, we still find the Heat and a certain protagonist who will not be mentioned. For his first season in Florida, LeBron James failed in the NBA Finals against Dirk Nowitzki’s Mavs. Chance of the calendar – not at all – and the lockout, Dallas welcomes Miami to launch the 2011-12 season on Christmas Eve. Sticking the knife in the wound, that’s what we say, isn’t it? Obviously, the ceremony did not please LeBron James who therefore comes to stick 37 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists in 36 minutes in Dallas. The Heat reacts like a boss and leaves no hope to the Texans. Erik Spoelstra’s troops lead 97-65 at the end of the third quarter. On this Christmas Day, turkey is a special flavor for Mark Cuban. The basics are in place and a few months later, the Three Amigos will earn their first joint ring.

You will understand, even if the statistics speak for them, the Warriors will have a lot to do after their celebrations. The ring ceremony often stems from a particular game and given the protagonists who are invited tonight, it could well be a night to remember. The Dubs be warned, LeBron isn’t one to enjoy this whole show when he’s not the lead actor.

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